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Choose the emotions to live during your trip to Naples

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Choose the emotions to live during your trip to Naples

A few km walking suspended on the hillside with a breathtaking view, relaxing on a scenic resort ... and a candlelight dinner on the beach below .... If you do not conquer ... so ...

A tour in vintage car through the vineyards and the most prestigious wineries in the Campania Felix, or a mini-cruise between the Pearls of the Gulf, dwelling in a Relais Spa and dining with one of the last Monz├╣ Chef? And then the handmade excellence, tailors, master cobblers, leather workers, goldsmiths .... time will stop here !!!

Another fun? Go for a walk in the maze of the city's oldest streets, eat the tastier street food in the world, playing Bingo with Femminiell and finally ... .. Go to sleep in a typical Neapolitan ... Basso. Unique rocking !! ....

The Sea, the Sea and .... The sea ! On the most beautiful rocky coast in the world between a ride in a kayak and dive on the ruins of an ancient Roman Villa , then finish the day with a fish barbecue on the beach and admire the sun set behind the islands of the Gulf ...

The huge Artistic, Cultural and Historical Heritage, that you will discover thanks to Adaptive Route of MyRouty, and that you will live even in your home and in the Neapolitan cuisine, will immerse you completely up to take Napoletana Philosophy lessons to acquire the Neapolitan .... Passport !!

Tradition in Naples is to walk down from the castle overlooking the city from above, cross it looking through the relics of a saint and a visit to the ruins of the underground, stopping to shop in the market over the busy city then go to cook Neapolitan academy with a Chef that you purchased ...

Intrigue you esotericism, magic places, the Mystery? In Naples you can adopt a "Capuzzella" (Skull) of a Soul "Pezzentella" (Wandering), in the more esoteric and fascinating place you've ever seen, then entertaining you in the places where spirits and wandering souls were heard on more than one occasion, listening to true stories of enigmatic Kabbalists ....